Monday, December 8, 2014

Introducing Harley...

Another neglected and abused soul has found refuge here at the ranch. This sweet boy was put out in a field as a livestock guardian when just a puppy and spent his young life fighting for his own... No shelter, no human interaction and the dog he was with, routinely attacked him as you can see by all the scars on his face.

We will be working on socializing him, building trust and respect. In addition to spoiling him, we are excited to see him settle into his new life where safety, love and Joy live. The progress he has made in just a couple days is amazing and proof all beings know what being safe feels like.

Camping at the ranch has been nothing short of an adventure let me tell you. I still don't have running water, a working refrigerator and I've given up on the cooler thing. It just gets everything soggy and the only power we have is when the generator is on which is really noisy. Did you know you cannot charge computers (laptops) with a generator? I didn't but do now, something to do with the wattage. I'm grateful for all the "things" I've learned on this journey.  I've learned that I don't really miss TV, I enjoy the quiet, I'm enjoying the un rushed conversations with my family and an early bedtime for much needed rest.

I can't believe we've been "dry" camping for six weeks already. Time sure flies when you're working your butt off. Depending on how many surprises we run into we could be half through our time roughing it as we continue to make BIG progress.  More fencing is up, our house is coming in pieces in a week or so, septic system is going in and I'm hoping the horse shelter will be up before Fridays rain storm... Fingers crossed.


  1. awesome progress! and harley is a doll. poor, sweet boy.

  2. Wonderful to learn that you managed to connect to the little fellow after just a few days! So glad that he found you.

  3. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Harley has the sweetest face. So glad he found a home with you. He's a very lucky pup!

  5. God bless Harley. He has finally found his furever home. Greatly deserved!

    It's amazing how happy you sound living out your adventure. Though I'm sure creature comforts will return, enjoy the silence. It surprised me to learn that I really love having the TV OFF. :)