Monday, December 15, 2014

The Ebb and Flow Of These Days...

Progress: Movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.

Okay got it.

This week has been an adventure to say the least. We are finally getting some much needed rain here in sunny So Cal and it has created some havoc. We have been in a ten year drought and the torrential down pours created flash floods, mostly in the burn areas, washed out roads and mud bogs everywhere and we weren't sure how the property would do with the multiple storms that visited us... It did great!

Considering the amount of rain we received we do have some mud, yes. Our road washed out and the DG is beyond slippery. Imagine snow on top of a layer of ice, kinda like that.  We were stuck here for a day but thankfully were able to get out just in the nick of time to get the music man to his show. The last couple of days the puddles have begun soaking in and we didn't have any real problems with the lot itself.

We did spring a few more leaks in the camper and it looks like we have at least one perhaps two more storms coming this week with the first one arriving tonight.  The earth here is very wet so I'm not sure how things will go this time around, time will tell, but I'm hopeful we'll do fine. I did stock up on gas and water just in case we cannot get out again.
The house pad has been dug and foundation work begun. We are so excited! If all goes well, we should be in our house in February. This is the view from the house site looking into wine country, awesome right?!

What would life at the ranch be without adventure and way toooo much stuff going on... Boring? Perhaps that's why there is so much motion these days. Forward motion with a little bit of time out as well.

Mr. Harley Man is doing great and had his first visit to our vet. He has bilateral ear infections with some scar tissue but otherwise is a healthy boy and around one year of age.
I cannot believe how fast he settled in. Seriously floored! I've never had an animal adjust so quickly to us, especially one that was all but feral... It's hard to believe that just over a week ago you couldn't even touch him, now look at him... Such a sweetie.
A couple days later Ms. Whoops A Daisy Mae wanted to visit our awesome vet too. The other night she came running up the driveway after adventuring with Duke and Harley off property bleeding. It appears while out romping at full speed (that's how she rolls, full throttle) she ran into either barb wire or a storm drain that ripped a big gash in her front leg. She had surgery to repair the damage and is now on lock down inside the trailer for two weeks.
She's not a happy girl and is struggling to remain calm. Hates the cone and doesn't like not being able to run around one bit.  This is also the girl who has severe separation anxiety so that means I am on lock down too... Not good.
The Music Man turned another year older yesterday.  He's my partner in crime, the Ying to my Yang. The S in our shenanigans, my favorite comedian. My Dreams Do Come True Maker. My best friend, my love and my life partnerand I thank God everyday for him.


  1. Oh it sounds like your life is full of incredible blessings I am so happy for all of you. Hug B

  2. Great update Jen...Absolutely love your veiw :)

  3. happy birthday to your music man! sorry about ms. daisy's injury. rest up, girl(s). as for the rain, good luck with the next rounds!

  4. Yay for the foundation work getting started! And for the rain. Too bad you have to deal with the mud. It will be all finished before you know it. : )

  5. busy days over all looks great...enjoy the ride!!

  6. There is something about just livin' life every day that is so precious. A little drama, a little excitement...but not too much! Oh, but poor puppy! I got a blow-up collar/cone substitute for our last doggie injury. It was a HUGE improvement over the cone of shame. I'd highly recommend it! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Aww it's so beautiful to hear how you describe your relationship with your music man ~ its a beautiful thing truly .

  8. Your cup overflows! Sorry about Daisy, though. So wonderful that Harley has adapted so quickly. Happy Birthday to your favorite comedian! Have a great week!

  9. Great blog, first time visitor. I really loved the comments at the end about your partner. True love is always beautiful.

  10. Wising you Happy Holidays sweet girl !