Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Duke A Gazillion ~ Coyote 1

Shelby turned another year older and we celebrated with family. Look at these two, I sure love them and am always grateful when my son comes out to visit us.  
Like every morning Duke runs coyotes off the property while I'm out feeding. He's my second set of eyes and takes his job as "super ranch dog"very seriously. Inherently, he protects.

Yesterday morning he bolted out the door and took off barking before Daisy and I knew what was happening. When I got down to the horses I saw Duke and a coyote across the road. I then saw two, three and four coyotes in total. Thankfully, seeing Daisy and me walking towards Duke they all ran off.

Last night I found a puncture wound just above his tail. I've cleaned it and he is current on his rabies (and all vaccines). This morning we'll be visiting the vet to be sure all is okay. A year of chasing coyotes and this is the first time he has had contact with them, lucky I know since we don't have a fence here.
(photo by shelbs)
Another reason we are busting our humps over at the lot sinking fence post. We have about one third of what we need in and set. In total, we are fencing about 4,000 feet and hoping to have the first half done before moving over there.

**Duke update
We started him on antibiotics, he'll have a scar but will be fine.  Thanks everyone for your kind words about him and your prayers. He is such a tough guy and one of my cutest hero's...


  1. my dogs have had several encounters with them. they come back smelling of 'wild' and usually with some torn ears or bites around the neck or legs. they've learned how dangerous they are and tend to bark from afar without engaging in battle, now. and i never leave one of my dogs outside, alone, after dark. daylight is scary enough.

  2. Poor little Duke. At least it was a little nip and nothing worse. Poor guy.

  3. Glad to see your peeps back home! That always makes a mama happy :-)

    Our first family dog was attacked by a coyote when he was a year old and he barely made it. He lived to be almost sixteen and then the coyotes finally got him.. I am not a fan of coyotes.

    Double down on that fence :-)

  4. Thank goodness it wasn't worse!! Sending healing thoughts Duke's way :)