Sunday, March 24, 2013

Road Trippin Day One and Two

The official kick off of day one 

This time we're hitting the road with the kids and my parents, destination is The Arches National Park in Moab. 

Wooohooo !!! 

Have you been here? None of us have and I am super excited to visit this amazing place and thankful I can do it with my family.  
My travel buddy 

Internet is sketchy and posting is super slow so here is a quick synopsis so far. Day one we drove most of the day to arrive in Mesquite Nevada which is just before the Utah boarder.  We stayed at a casino RV park where I spent $20 bucks on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I didn't win but that's okay it was fun sitting with Bug.  It was a good but super loooooong day everyone was tired so it was an early night.

This morning we woke up early and again drove most of the day. Tonight we are just outside of Moab and here are a few shots I got while traveling today. 
I hope you had a great weekend I hope to be back soon to post more pics the scenery is amazing.


  1. gorgeous territory! love your travel buddy!!!

    1. Hi Tex
      It is amazing here! Holy smokes I have never seen anything like this before... gorgeous and amazing... Can't stop saying amazing.

  2. Awwww..what a cute picture of you and your dog :)

  3. It looks great so far! The scenery is gorgeous and you have the perfect travel buddy :) Have fun!!!

  4. Tammy
    This place is incredible! We are having a blast and he sure is :). Internet is spotty but I was able to check in... Congrats on Cam's photo, how fun!