Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playing hookie...

 It's been a hot and stressful couple of weeks around here and i needed a break so the music man and i hatched a plan. We snuck off early from work Thursday and enjoyed half a day playing hookie in San Diego.  First stop was the La Jolla Caves.
 For $4 you can enter one of the seven caves by foot through this store.
This is Sunny Jim's cave and it is said to resemble a character, do you see it?
After the Caves at La Jolla we drove down to Little Italy for some yummy snacks.
 With full bellies we drove to Solano Beach to shoot the sunset.
The sky was cloudy, no sun to be capture so i practiced my long exposure shots.
We had a really nice day and was exactly what we needed.  I highly recommend playing hookie once every long while, its very fun!


  1. What a neat little trip you two had. Exploring, eating, relaxing. Perfect! :)

    1. Thanks Kar, it was exactly what we needed and the weather was much cooler at the beach, perfect.

  2. Thanks for stopping in and for your nice comment..What a nice trip you had..Made me melancholy....Seemed to be a perfect day..hope it was..

  3. Thanks Missy, it was great, no reason we all can't take off for a few hours, explore and make a new memory :)

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    The food looks awesome too:)
    Thank you for taking us along on your lovely day:)