Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chance ~ 6 month update

January 22, 6 months ago...
 Today, July 22...
He and i have made great strides. As you can see he looks totally different, his winter coat is gone but he has also been gaining muscles and his back continues to lift.  We are close to completing a 60 day metabolic diet to see if it helps him, so far i don't see a change though.  Our bond is strong, he trust me and his respect towards me has much improved though we are still working some things out. He is no longer food aggressive and i am able to groom him without any issues.
In the last 6 months he's been the recipient of 100's of hugs and smooches. The music man and monkey often drop by to hang out too. We moved to a new boarding/training barn a month and half ago and i am so happy we did and love it there, its a perfect fit for us. The women are wonderful, the trails fun and thanks to Sue i am becoming a more confidant leader and our round pen work is improving.
Oh yeah keep scratching right there... thanks man or at least i think that what he's saying... I love this silly moment captured and their expressions are hilarious. 
In the last 6 months i was fortunate to meet Paula. She knows the house he came from before going to the rescue and was able to get me his paperwork.  I now have his birth date, where he was born and his original adoption papers from the BLM, very exciting stuff, thanks Paula!

The last six months have been amazing. Chance is incredibly smart, stubborn, sweet and open. He really is such a sweet guy, a total pocket horse and i am so thankful for him. What a blessing it is to see what a little love and kindness can do.

Life is SO good! 


  1. You can see the difference all the love and care you all have given Chance has made. He's beautiful! Keep on lovin' and enjoying him. :)

  2. So wonderful that you have opened up your home to him! What a difference you are making!

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  4. Thank you, i am having a blast with him and it feels pretty great to know i am able to make a differnce in his life.

  5. lots of fun times happening around you right now..that's the best!!
    how's the garden? Mine is slow and weird..
    odd shapes to the tomatoes and bug marks..
    oh well, I'm a lifelong customer to the farmers of America...great photos of Chance and family - He's a lucky pony to have you as his new Mom.

    Music Man looking to saddle up?

  6. @Kyle Yes life is good these days. My garden is funky too, new bugs out here than home but i think i'm getting a handle on it thanks to the ladies at a certain nursery center lol. The music has riden another horse and loves it! Who knew. I'm sure the farmers are grateful to you, call me when you have some time xox