Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping it cool

The summer heat is here and it's flipping HOT and my drive to get things done is not. Our temps are hovering around 103 degrees and expected to stay this hot for four more days at least. I broke down and turned the air conditioner on the other day and am so thankful we have this option.  I feel bad for people who don't and couldn't image how uncomfortable and dangerous that would be.

 In hopes of keeping it cool I'm not ~
Enjoying my lunch break outdoors

Instead I'm ~
Hanging out with Chance earlier in the morning
Working in the garden in the early evening
Enjoying salads, fruit and ice cream
Jumping  pool
Running my air conditioner a lot
planning a day at the beach

Hope your week is going well and you're keeping cool amongst these hot summer days.


  1. Oh my that is hot!!! We are using out Air condition on days where it is 92 - now I feel like a bit of a whiner complaining about that lol.
    Stay cool!!!

  2. I know how you feel. Today is suppose to be the last of our triple digits. I hope they are right. Sick of it already. I want my mornings of 58 degrees back. :)

  3. lemonade and vodka....add that to the list of "do's"...
    If you go to the me....we want you with us....we have SO MUCH to catch up on....
    hours and hours and hours of floating time and talking...
    the heat - it's good..keeps us hardy.
    remember the channel??? hanging out and music and talk....oh my's all so good.

  4. We were at 107 and finally the heat wave broke. Too hot to do anything! Keep cool!

  5. Thanks girls,
    92 is hot too and i thinks it's okay, we all get a whinny moment when its warm out. Lemonade and vodka... could help me forget how freaking hot it is, good idea Kyle! One day soon the mornings will be cool again, hang in Karin and Michelle, perhaps i can interest you in some lemonade with vodka?