Friday, June 1, 2012

this week around the house

We picked oranges from our tree and made clean, fresh and delicious juice. I made our first batch of strawberry jam this season and preserved  part of the onion harvest from last weekend.  I haven't been able to drive my jeep for a couple weeks because of this, can you see it?
'blue speckled eggs! A mama birdie set up her nest on the spare tire bracket of my jeep. I didn't realize it was there until the music man pointed it out but not after i had driven to the barn a couple times. The nest was okay and the mama came back both times.
We have a new baby in town, one of the eggs hatched yesterday, chirp chirp. I'm off to spend the afternoon with my parents at the local wine and hot air balloon festival with my camera, so excited.

Happy Friday!


  1. How thoughtful of you to not bother it. I'm jealous of your orange tree!

  2. You are one busy little bee already this summer! Look at all that yummy fruity stuff to eat and drink. :) Crazy where a bird will build a nest and lay eggs. You sure are a sweetie for not disturbing them. Have fun at the balloon festival with your parents! :)

  3. @weekender
    We haven been eating them up and are thankful for the vit c and yumminess. I don't drive to often and the barn is just down the street. With all the eating i've been doing latley i figuered a walk or two couldn't hurt :)

  4. @Kar, haha looks who's talking you are always so busy with fun stuff too, have a great weekend!

  5. Sweet little bird! Looking forward to seeing your pics from the festival!

  6. What sweetness you have in your life!
    Sweet jams, sweet babies, and it sounds like a sweet weekend.