Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~Henry Van Dyke

Day one
 was going to be a flower study but within a couple hours they began to open.
The next morning all but one was open and today 4 days later we're still waiting for the last hold out to share its bloom.

Since i was here last~
I moved Chance to the new barn and love it there. He settled right in and is doing wonderful. His hoofs are continuing to grow out much healthier now, his coat is shed and shiny and he's such a sweet boy. I am having a lot of fun with him, can you tell.

The Bug came home for a visit and has decided to stay for a bit. Nothing like having family close and i am sure enjoying having him here.

I planted a blueberry and raspberry bush in hopes that they will grow deep roots and give me a few berries next season. My Strawberries are not doing so good this year so perhaps another berry will do better in our area.

Goldie our youngest girl started laying. Now all four of them are gifting us eggs daily. My fridge is filling quickly and i have already begun to give some of them away. 

*Note to our local buddies,  when you come to visit bring a egg carrier with you if you'd like to take a few fresh eggs home.

I've harvested more onions and the red potatoes. This was my first year planting potatoes and it was so easy. I heard mixed reviews but boy did they grow for me, maybe beginners luck. Either way I'm super happy with them and will be planting much more next time.   What an easy and bountiful crop to grow.

The days are so full and busy yet I've been feeling very quiet and loving the fullness of our home. Summer is coming fast around here, the temps are up, the days longer and the priority to be outside doing stuff is definitely on.  

Thank you for stopping by this space of mine, i love that you swing in and enjoy reading your comments. 


  1. My strawberries didn't do well either and in fact, neither did they for someone else whose blog I recently visited. I agree it's nice to have plenty of fruit growing just in case! So glad to hear your potatoes did well. That's another one I'm hoping for better next year.

  2. My strawberries did not do well, but my blackberries are rockin'! Beautiful flowers.

  3. @Leigh, i'm with you sister, i hope that a mix of berries will find one or two that will thrive, :) I was happily suprised with my potatoes and cant wait to plant much more of them next year too.

    @Weekender, I LOVE blackberries, so yummy in everything salads, smoothies, jam. I have been thinknig about you and hope you guys are drying out a bit!

  4. We have always have good luck with potatoes. We have more blackberries than I know what to do with!