Thursday, June 21, 2012

This week...

The music man met and rode Zima this week. This horse is amazing! He is so sweet and gentle and is automatic, seriously smooth and awesome so perfect for new riders.  Both the music man and monkey are taking lessons and may be leasing him in the future so we can ride together.
Chance and i went on our first trail ride at the new barn and my riding buddy is back in town so we've been out a couple more times this week and it's been great!
I turned Chance out into the large arena for some exercise and fun but he had other plans. Once in, he promptly walked over to a corner, rolled and stayed down for a little nap and to soak in the sunshine. I think he likes the new place too and has settled right in as you can see.

Bug spent some time with the horses this week too, perhaps a family affair? Motorcycles, he loves but i sure have enjoyed his visits to barn this week.
 Of course there is life away from the barn so more work was done on the coop and
we received the the biggest egg i have ever seen... EVER. It was a double yoker but the size seriously huge and heavy.  I also applied the calcium phosphate to the garden soil and threw on my back pack sprayer gifted by the music man and sprayed my oil and soap mixture to my plants in hopes of ridding the aphids that are picnicking there.


  1. Fresh eggs! How dang awesome is that!!! Have a great weekend Jen!!!

  2. Thanks girls, feels awesome to be able to go to their coop daily and get fresh eggs, i sure love it. Happy Friday!

  3. We get double yolkers sometimes, and you wonder, how in the heck did she lay that one?

  4. Seriously. I even checked to see if she was okay, no lie when i say the biggest egg ever... thing was HUGE