Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harvest 2011

We awoke early last Saturday morning to find a couple big trucks, lots of containers and a few men from Weins Winery at our place ready to harvest this year batch of grapes.
harvest 3
Over the last couple of weeks the grapes have turned dark purple and we've learned about Brix testing. This measures the sugar content and tells the wineries when the grapes are ready to be picked.

harvest 1
They sure knew there stuff and worked like a well oiled machine. The grapes were picked and put into buckets then the man on the quad transported them up to the trucks containers. I got a kick out of the water strapped to the front of the quad with cups. Oh and the other big truck had port a potties on it, this was a totally self contained operation hahaaaaa.


harvest 1

harvest 2
Our property owner is very generous and told us we could have the grapes that were not going to be picked. As you can see the music man is very excited and anxious to start his batch of wine.

harvesting monkey
Even Monkey stuck around and watched, it was very fascinating. We learned alot and made mental notes for someday in the future when we own our own winery.

We are so thankful to be able to spend our days here in this place. Everyday is amazing, life is SO good!


  1. Great pictures...Monkey is adorable and I see a future winery owner - after she takes over for her parents successful winery!

    Music Man looks like one happy man!

  2. how fantastic! what an incredible place to live.

  3. Beautiful grapes! What a great place to live!

  4. How interesting!
    I bet it smells yummy around there with all those grapes.
    Haha! I love the pic of Music Man, he certainly came prepared to get him some grapes;)
    Have a great weekend!