Thursday, September 29, 2011

an unexpected day

I don't drive very much these days since i get to work from home. My Jeep's been broken down for a while so on the rare occasion i have to go somewhere i just grab another one of our vehicles.

With the music man out of town and Monkey busy with work and school i found myself needing to rent a car so i could drive down south the other day. The work i do requires us to pass federally mandated testing per state and renewed annually and it was my time to get it done. Monkey was going to drop me off at the rental place after her work when don't ya know it on her way home to get me her car broke down.

Now that her car was down and out for the rest of the day she decided to spend the afternoon with me. We finally made it to the rental car place thanks to there pick up option and drove south. After i took my test we drove over here,
I like this place

have a seat and stay a while wont you
walked the neighborhood and
had lunch at trattoria fantastica and enjoyed the best Caprese salad, the cheese was crazy good.
Before we left we stopped in here and grabbed some fresh raviolis and of course the that yummy cheese to share with the music man at home.

I'm thankful for life's little unexpected turns because this time and like most times it works into an adventure otherwise not taken.

Yes i passed my test, whoohoo!


  1. Congrats on the test!
    VERY Very jealous of the yummy afternoon you all had:)
    That salad looks so delicious and a ITALIAN grocery store....I would think I died and went to heaven:)
    Have a good day, friend!

  2. we LOVE caprese salad... i could eat that everyday!!!

  3. yep, that is a 70 200 lens. it is soo so heavy...ridiculous actually! but awesome :)

  4. Fun day! I live 2 minutes from there! Love your photos...