Thursday, July 1, 2010

making progress

The days are longer, warmer and so beautiful. My craft time has suffered a bit as I am spending as much time outside soaking in this season as I can.
flower pots
I had fun painting out back and
a good read
I can't seem to put this book down.
yellow cardi
I am making good progress on the baby sets for my MIL. I finished two beanies and am working on the back panel of the first cardi.
my summer quilt top is moving right along as well.
summer quilt top
The top is now 72" x 78" just a few more rows. I hope to have the top done by the end of the weekend. I am excited to get it done and on my bed! I am bit nervous though, as I have not made a quilt this big before. Fingers crossed.

Happy Thursday to you! Be back tomorrow with "this moment"


  1. Wow, are you a multi tasker or what????
    Beautiful pots and quilt top, how much fun will it be to have that covering your bed? You inspire me to dust off that old sewing machine and try my hand again at sewing, you always have such fun projects and beautiful fabrics.

  2. thanks Kyle, you're knitting is always gorgeous so I am sure if you decided to sew again whatever you made would be beautiful. I am really having fun with it. Are you back now?

  3. Oh,your quilt is so very pretty!
    And your little pots are darling!!
    It looks like to me you are getting alot done craft-wise!
    I havnt picked up my knitting in weeks:(