Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jacks day

Jackson Brown
Our Brown dog Jack is another year older! This sweet face we have seen everyday now for nine years. He shadows me and is always by my side, under my chair or at my feet. He is cuddly, patient and oh so sweet. He loves kids, hanging out in the garden, taking long walks, sunny days to bask in and doesn't mind waiting until the end of knitting a row. He likes my sewing to. Every time I lay something out to measure he immediately runs over and lays on it as if it is there just for him. Of course being a lab his favorite thing is food, food and more food. Happy birthday to my brown dog!


  1. Happy Birthday,Sweet Jack!
    I always love your pictures your mama takes of you and your big,sweet brown eyes!
    Hope your day is filled with hugs and treats!
    Have your mama give you a hug from me!

  2. Jack is too adorable! I'm sure those eyes just make you melt.