Sunday, April 25, 2010

A resolutions update

Like many people January 1st brings resolutions. This year a couple resolutions was and is to reduce waste as a family and cut out all disposable, one time use plastics. We try to support our farmers by buying fresh, clean and local food. We use cloth napkins, no paper plates and ditched the plastic ware among several other changes a while back. We are making a concious effort everyday to reduce, recycle and repurpose and I think overall we have done well.

The biggest challenge and frustration I find thus far is the packaging that our food comes in. The baggies and plastic wrapped Styrofoam food holders, yuck! When I head out to the market I am sure to be armed with my reusable cloth bags but, by the time I am out of the produce and bulk area I can easily end up with several of the plastic bags I am trying to avoid.

In honor of Earth day last week and yet another plastic filled Gyre in the news I whipped up a few more small drawstring bags to use in the produce and bulk area to further aid us in ridding our life of disposable plastics and keeping with the reduce and re-use theme.
I believe that knowledge creates change. What if anything do you do to reduce waste or get rid of plastic?

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