Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everything Bag

Do you ever have days when you feel like you could use an extra hour? That's been me lately. I have been missing the feel of fiber and my knitting needles. So this last week I was able to get back to knitting a little at the end of each day and knitted up a couple quick projects. Yes, happiness!

I made a couple dish cloths and::
everything bad

another "everything bag" for Shelby as requested. I love that she asked. This bag is so handy. It can be used for groceries, flowers, books, beach stuff, etc and if made with cotton can thrown in the laundry when dirty. I couldn't find the pattern I used before so I made this one up as I went. I used three skeins of sugar and cream. This bag is knit in the round and you really could use any circ needle or yarn you want. No rules, here's what I did.

CO 50 (for bottom) size 10 needle
K 30 rows (or however big you want bottom to be)
BO till last St.
pick up Sts around base to create sides
K a few rows (I did 12)

**Place M ~ K1 ... YO 1 .... to end of row size 13 needle
K2tog next row** repeat these two rows until the bag is approx seven rows less than the size you want

switch back to size 10 needle and K seven rows
BO all sts until the last 6 Sts and make Icord.

Note ~ this bag stretches with weight so keep in mind when making I cord for strap.
Once I cord is to length you want BO and attach to bag.

Done, enjoy your new "everything bag"

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  1. LOVE this bag!
    I will have to make it,someday,when I have time to knit again.......