Monday, February 23, 2015

Wow...Where Did February Go?

I've worn this necklace for ten years now, I love it! Keeps me grounded.

As of right now, this minute, we are all ready to be done with the camping thing. Though we have a lot of stories to share, sitting in the camper staring at the house on the hill is making us a bit cranky after four months of "dry" camping. Our progress seems to be moving forward in spurts rather than slow and steady.  Our goal is to be in the house by the end of the month. We are hoping for final inspections soon but I'm questioning if we'll make it.  Patience has never been a virtue of mine but I'm working on it.  I know in the bigger picture this time is small and we'll be in the house soon but for now, I'm anxious.

Our well is up and running and our "fire" holding tank is to be set today but we got walloped last night with amazing wind and tons of rain. We didn't float away but I'm not sure the trucks can get down our road this morning.  Carpet is in the bedrooms and the wood and tile floors will be going in this week. If all goes well we could have water actually to the house and propane within a few days. Omgosh a warm shower... a dream of today but a reality soon.
Kid Rock helping me with chores the other day,
Miss Clover

Both goat babies are doing really well and have spent the nights in their pen outdoors for a couple weeks now. I hope to have the goat shed up and play area done soon after we get into the house but for now this little pen works. We are borrowing it from a friend and man is it awesome! A life saver for me really. It's safe and has a warm draft free area in it. They're outside romping around all day with me so this is just for bedtime and if I have to run into town.   We've had some warm weather and the nights haven't been too cold so perfect (except for last night and today). Having them healthy and happy was totally worth the lack of sleep for the several weeks. It was like having newborns again,  diaper changes and round the clock bottle feedings. They are now seven weeks old, super healthy and Facebook famous on my personal page haha.
I don't think they know they're goats though. This is the view from the campers dinette window. They climbed up my outdoor couch to stare me.
Sadly we had to re home Lane our beautiful rooster. Though he was nice to people he was really hard on the hens. I've heard how rooters are great fun to watch as they strut around but Lane was relentless and rough, mean even.  He would beat the girls down, over and over and then pecked the crap out of them. Many of my girls where missing feathers and some were so stressed out they stopped laying. The day before he left he seriously tried to kill my Betty girl. It was awful. She's healing and I'm hopeful she will be okay but the first couple of days I wasn't sure.

I have no idea why he went after her expect that she is my oldest girl and is at the top of pecking order? Have you guys ever had this happen in your flock?  I do miss his morning song and his sweetness but everyone here co exists and I have to keep the harmony. Roosters get a bad wrap but I was hopeful.... The girls are thrilled and back to happily eating bugs, grass and giving me tons of eggs in peace.
A little shadow play with Tuna while out on trail.

The horses and donks have begun to shed their winter coats and I'm getting buckets of hair off daily. Soon they'll be shiny and clean, again.  Chancie is getting more gray in his sweet face and his back looks saggy. I do stretches and back lift exercises with him but I can tell things are starting to change with his age and the lack of riding we have been doing together lately.  We still go out for light trail rides as much as we can, of course with all the house stuff I haven't been riding as much as I like but I know that'll change soon too. I'm hoping that once we get our riding schedule back he will tone up a bit again.

And finally, drum roll please....
I found my word for 2015. It took a while and wasn't easy to come by but thanks to Teresa (she left a comment on an earlier post that got me thinking in a different direction) over at Run Around Ranch I've chosen ROOTS.

I'm looking forward to planting roots spiritually and physically in our new home, on the property and in my garden. Oh yes 2015 will be filled with all sorts of "homey" stuff. Good for the soul it is.

Happy Monday peeps, I hope all is well in your hood.


  1. Oh it sounds like it is coming along. A few hiccups but you are getting there. I LOVE your photos. Hug B

  2. oh, your word was a nice surprise to see. glad i helped you find it. :) you ARE binding yourself to your home with every bit of effort you put into it. your sweat, your toil, your joy. :)

  3. It sounds like things will be coming together for you pretty soon! This time IS small, so keep the faith. All will be well.

    I have not had good luck with roosters. I seem to be better off without them, and get more eggs out of my ladies.

  4. Congrats my friend looks like your putting down some really good "roots" in your new homestead. Good to see you !

  5. Jen, I know you are tired of camping, but just think how much more you will appreciate your home when you finally get all moved in. I've so enjoyed reading about your journey. The word you chose is perfect! Oh, and Kid Rock rocks.

  6. So glad to hear that things are still moving along nicely. All of your patience will be paid off in the end. It will be so worth it. : )

  7. What an amazing experience you have embarked on. Each time you post I get excited to see your progression and your insights. Such a joy God bless!

  8. Once you get in your house, you'll forget all about the trials getting there. The goats look so happy.

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