Wednesday, December 11, 2013

These cold days...

This last storm that rolled through here was really cold. Seriously cold for California where it was to cold to play outside. Being stuck in the house Jackson Brown and I had no choice but to relax on the couch while I cranked out a new beanie. Insert a ((big)) smile here :).  Life's rough... not.  I love a good excuse to be quiet and still.
The last couple of mornings I've awaken to a hard frost and everything is frozen til around 10 am, including the horses and chickens waters.  This morning I had to break up the water with a shovel as the ice was thick.  Thinking I may have to invest in a heater for their waters.
I love my new beanie and am thankful for how it covers my ears on these cold mornings. I've worn it every day since finishing it. The pattern is super simply and can be found here. If you knit I bet you could crank one out for yourself in a few hours and your ears will be thankful too.

Happy Hump Peeps!


  1. Cute hat! I've been trying to take the time to get some knitting done myself. It is relaxing to sit by the wood stove and knit.

  2. very cute. :)

    i've had to break the ice on the horse water tubs this week. i use the 'pins' from the corral panels to do it. hard, metal, pointed. works. :)

  3. Nothing better than staying in the warm house and doing some wonderful knitting. Great hat!!!

  4. I adore your new beanie and you look really great in it. Plus I love your smile in the last shot so much. It has been cold for California I agree 100%, even colder where you are. We toughed out a rainy day soccer tournament this weekend, it rained one entire game and the next game it was just flat out freezing (well freezing to my standards) Love your friend Tracie

  5. We use the heater "thing" in the barn. I am so official. I also love the quiet time of winter.

  6. It's so cute! I seriously wish I knew how to knit so I could make cute hats like yours.

    PS - What kind of waterers do you use for your chickens? A while back we switched from the white plastic ones to black rubber feed pans and they are great. The water still freezes, but you can just throw the pan on the ground and stomp on the bottom to get the ice out. It's kind of therapeutic to kick it around too haha.