Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Ramblings...

We had a great Christmas here at the ranch. Both kids were home and the house was full... just like I like it. It was also Dukes first Christmas with us and he had a great day.
He loves his new toys. He is so darn cute, he went and gathered them with his old toys from the basket and then laid in the middle of them all. 

My son and I went on a long trail ride Christmas Morning and yesterday both the Music Man and Monkey had to work so J bug and I drove out to Joshua Tree NP for a photo adventure. Traffic was SO very bad that it took us several hours to get there so we missed the sunset but our goal was night shots so it still worked out.
The shot above is at the "Wall of Horrors" area in the park.
This photo of "Skull Rock" was shot by my J Bug.  Do you see the skull face? Cool isn't it? I love that he likes photography like his mama. 

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Hoping you all had a happy holiday. 


  1. great shots. love that happy pup. :)

  2. Duke is so cute! Love all your photos. Glad you had a happy Christmas :)

  3. Those night shots are spectacular and well worth the long drive. Have a happy New year!

  4. a long trail ride on Christmas morning sounds like bliss and wonderful !
    Those night shots are simply gorgeous !

  5. Great pictures Jen! Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas. :)

  6. Gorgeous night shot with the cactus silhouetted against the starlit sky. I would live to know the settings, etc!! Since there are no star trails, I'd guess you were under 30 sec exposure.

    1. Hi Stanley, you're right this was shot at an ISO of 2500 at F4 (wide angle) 10mm for sec. I also lit the foreground.

  7. Wow - those shots are surreal! Duke is right at home, isn't he?! So glad he found you guys. Sounds like a lovely Christmas, complete with a trail ride - gotta love southern Cal for that!

  8. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We just got back from Palm Springs. I was targeting Joshua Tree, but didn't make it this trip. These are exactly the shots that I was thinking about. Awesome!