Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Week..

This week Ms Luna Tuna Pie had her pearly whites done. It was obvious that she has had her teeth done before which is great news but it appears it had been a while, they were sharp and she has ulcers on one side of her mouth.
(photo by K since my hands were busy. That's my hand holding her nose while whispering calming words in her ear.)

She is a happy horse now, gaining weight and smooth teeth yippie.  She was drugged but I'm pretty sure she said thank you when she leaned against me and sighed. She really is a sweet girl. We also verified her age to be 11 or no older than 12.
This week I shot the music man and his drummer for a new duo project.

This week also brought us the first rain of the season. We needed it badly. While I know there are parts of the country that are saturated we are bone dry and have been for a few years now. We seem to miss most of the storms but there is talk this year is to be different. I hope so...
The rain was fantastic. I stayed indoors after chores and made plum jam, worked on my throw and watched We Bought A Zoo.
This week my spinach, sweet peas and lettuce seeds sprouted.
This week the music man finished the cross ties woohoo!
This week three of my pullets blessed me with their first eggs! Sweet little brown eggs not sure but I think it's Miranda, Martina and Minnie Pearl.
This week our Monkey turned 21. I am one super proud mama at what an incredible woman she has become.  Her gentle soul, giving and thankful heart and her determination to achieve anything she sets out to is amazing and inspiring.  I thank God he blessed me with you 21 years ago, I love you babe.

Wow I thought we had a fairly quiet week around here but after reading all we did I'm exhausted phew... :)

Happy weekending


  1. I looooove that photo of the music man and his drummer! So awesome! I saw We Bought A Zoo a while back and really liked it. Such a sweet story. Congrats on the pullet eggs - they are so cute. And a very happy 21st to your monkey! :)

    1. Thanks Tammy! The movie was cute and it was really nice to just throw up my feet and sit a bit.

  2. Great collection of shots. The sunset with the silhouettes is marvelous. Love it!

  3. Wow what a wonderful Music man photo !!
    Almost time to have our horses teeth done too .
    Great egg collation from you pullets . I take it from the green hue in one that you have an Easter Egger hen somewhere in the bunch or an Americana ?

    1. Hi Willow, thank you. What kind of horses do you have? My pullets are all brown eggs. I do have an Americana but she is one of my big girls :)

  4. oh my goodness 21! Happy birthday Monkey. Oh my gosh Jen wasn't that rain the best?? We were dancing in it and making apple stuff and it was sort of just a tease right? Since it's right back up to being hot again. I love the pix of music man and his drummer in the sunset, great work. I also love the great care you have for your animals. Lots of love.

    Your friend Tracie