Monday, October 21, 2013

Life Is Good...

Do you feel it too? A week ago it was so much easier to bounce out of bed. The morning light is coming a bit later every day as Mother Nature gets us ready for winter and the rest it brings.  For me, being a "morning person" is so much easier when the sunlight is coming up, when its pitch black out I'd like to stay under the covers.

Although our days are still warm the changing light and calender tell us we need to start preparing for the winter season. Building shelters and dragging for run offs just moved up on the list of things to do.

This weekend...
Luna's second abscess finally burst and she is officially on the mend and feeling much better. No more pain med's thankfully. We should be finishing her turn out this coming weekend as she'll be coming home within the next week or two.

I had a great visit with friends Saturday night.
The Music Man's debut of his new duo project Sunday afternoon was such a blast!

This weekend I also began letting the kittens out of the Tack Room during the daytime hours and so far so very good. Everyone is getting along and they are happy to come back in at dinner time. I'm happy too as I know they're protected during the night. For a couple of feral cats one is certainly friendly and the other, very curious. Neither are hiding from us anymore.

The girls are also spending a bit more time free ranging, not the best photos above but you can see how both dogs stick close to them. Duke, the protector and Jack who is simply searching for their droppings. Either way I feel they are okay cruising around the upper part of the property as long as the dogs are close by them.
I'm feeling very thankful for the rhythm of these days. Although we're working hard, the animals and the humans here are settling into new routines and it sure feels good.

Before I go, I wanted to say hi and welcome my new followers, hi! I appreciate all my blogland buddies and love that you guys take time out of your busy days to visit me. I sure do enjoy reading your comments and following along with you and yours, Thank You!

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad to hear Luna is feeling better and the cats, and your fam are all adjusting nicely :)

  2. glad luna is recovering and everyone else is settling in.

  3. It's awesome that the dogs keep an eye on the girls! And so glad to hear that Luna is recovering!

  4. Good to hear Luna is better... I love those chickie shots...

  5. Good for Luna! I'm glad she's feeling better :-) I know what you mean about the mornings. My fall chores today were taking the screens off the windows and doing a lot of window washing. Up the ladder, down the ladder, repeat!