Sunday, April 21, 2013

This weekend we...

Stayed close to home. The annual wine and balloon festival is coming up in a couple weeks so there are extra balloons flying these mornings for us to enjoy with our cup of coffee.

I babysat 10 horses in addition to hanging out with Chance who got a much needed bath.
I worked most of Saturday hoping to get a jump on Monday.
This weekend I harvested the more Kale, both green
and red as well as spent time weeding and feeding the garden.  I listen to the music sing a few songs
and course we ate some eggs.  We had an unexpected septic problem and that took up all of the music mans free time this weekend.  Not to mention keeping everyone outdoors. What a nightmare. Yuck! I am so thankful he is handy and hard working and am hoping for good results very soon.  Have you ever had septic problems? Seriously GROSS...
We finished off the weekend relaxing our tired backs in the spa while making a wish or two on the stars above.


  1. except for the septic issues (yuck!) it sounds about perfect! (yuck!) :)

  2. The kale was wonderful Jen! So perfectly cut, clean and dry. I sauteed it in olive oil with garlic...yum! Thank you so much!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, kale is SO good :) and thank you for the lemons... I like our barter system we have going.

  3. That kale is so pretty and that last photo is truly breathtaking. But sorry about the septic issues - not fun! Luckily we haven't had any problems with ours yet *knock on wood* so I can't advise you! I hope it all gets fixed soon!

    1. Hi Tammy
      It was a nice weekend but wowzer the whole septic thing is nasty and I'm out... The music man had to deal with that mess. I thought my return comments were still turned off, thanks for the confirmation I'll see if I can get it figured out. BTW I really loved mosaic of your girls, super cute!

      Thanks again

  4. I feel your pain on the septic issues. We had to replace the whole thing a few years ago :-(

    Your kale looks gorgeous! Mine, after growing over a month in its hoop cold frame, is not even two inches tall. At least it's still alive!

  5. Hi Joan
    Yeah what a nightmare.... I have had my windows and doors wide open for days. Hopefully it is all good now and hopefully the temps will rise a bit in your hood. Kale does like to grow in cold weather so i'm sure it will do great :) Poor Doink love him and is lil blanket.
    Have a great day!