Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A quick drop in...

My sweet brown dog aka John Wayne (he's bow legged) and Mr. Lumpies has had a rough week. I noticed over the last couple of weeks his coat and stamina had been changing so off for a check up we went.   I know It's common for big dogs to get lots of lumpies (benign fatty tumor's) of which he has a lot but a new one that recently  popped up was different...

So the good news is his heart , lungs, lymph nodes blood work and bones are all very good. His coat and stamina changes are because of he is a slightly hypo thyroid which is also very common in doggies his age.  He will be having surgery to remove the newest lumpie as it tested positive for cancer tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is a non aggressive one that will not spread, biopsy will tell more but we are hopeful as all of his testing are good and the statics of this kind of cancer is common and not known to be metastatic.

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on Jack as well as photo's.... We are harvesting tonight, woot woot! Super exciting stuff!!!!


  1. Here's hoping all is well with Jack. Poor guy. At least he's got you there to give him lots of snuggles. :) Take care Jen!!!

  2. I hope all is well. My dogs are a part of the family, so I completely understand.

    1. Thank you Michelle, i know that's for sure and Jack is my shaddow 24/7