Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whats Growing on over here these days

cabbage ~ I'm looking forward to fish taco's to accompany this beauty, yum.
 The rainbow chard this year is off the hook! We've been enjoying this for a couple months now, its waist high and is still plentiful. The heat doesn't seem to bother it.
 It's early but so far so good, fingers crossed. I started my zucchini plants a little while back and so far this year is looking much more promising than last summers disappointment. potato and garlic are coming along wonderfully as well.
I have a couple dozen tomato plants, I am hoping to be able to get some of my sauce into jars this year.
 Red and sweet walla walla onions growing close to the bell peppers. One of my favorite combinations to grill up, i put them in almost everything of course with some garlic too.
cucumber seedlings.  I have a 25 foot row hugging my soaker line, if all goes well I should have a lot of pickles, these are the music mans favorite snack.
What the heck... Looks like the potato plants have something extra "growing" on them. I took this picture to share the lady bugs i got for the garden...but when i saw the photo i saw this webbing and black spots, not great.
I dug down a little and the potato's are fine, phew.

The girls are getting into the swing of things and now two of them are laying eggs for us. It's incredible to be able to go and grab these gifts from our yard, simply amazing.  I'm a very lucky girl.


  1. you definitely have a little plot of heaven going on over there - the garden looks amazing

    your plates will be so tasty with all the homegrown veggies and eggs - I love summer foods the best, I have tomatoes and lettuce..all the other stuff will have to come from the farmers market since my gardening ends about there, unless I can count weeds...I'm good at those

  2. Everything looks great, and I'm so jealous of the zucchini!