Saturday, May 19, 2012

an afternoon at the barn

looks like this through Monkey's eye's...
Sitting with the camera perched up high, i love this, shadows are fun to shoot.
We play follow the leader but not to close.
 There was rolling in the dirt time too, he loves this. He rolls not quite all the way over but half way each side.

the one phase of the famous Poop Patrol, don't be jealous now, haha.
All the shimmering specks are dirt from rolling around, he is so fun and doing very well.  The farriers has come weekly to check on his hoof, Monday will be seven weeks since the bad trim job and he is finally growing, thanks to good nutrition and hoof supplements. The pressure and ouchie are feeling much better. To be sure nothing else was going on i had the Vet out for x rays. I am happy and thankful to report they are negative and with angels called into the farrier he is definitely on the mend. We even did some light work this week without his moon boots.  I really love these days, time with monkey as she gets busier and watching Chance get healthier everyday is such a blessing and i am soaking it all in . Life is so very good.


  1. Chance is quite handsome. Glad he is improving.

  2. Chance is such a gorgeous color black. Great news about his hoof. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)