Thursday, April 5, 2012

Smooches for Chance and an update

smooches for Chance

I had the opportunity to talk to someone who knew him before he came to me. I learned more of his history and was deeply saddened at what he's been through. This horse is incredibly kind, smart and now that he's settled in and has been receiving proper nutrition and care he has a bit of spunk and stubbornness too.

Although we are still working a couple things out like the random bite and solo trail rides he is quite amazing. He has bitten me three times now and I believe its when he gets anxious or scared although, there are no warning signs or pattern. We are making progress... knock on wood its been a week since he got me last. I am determined to correct this as quick as possible, they hurt and leave nasty bruises, ugh.

Our trails rides are wonderful as long as we ride with others, he is so good. He likes taking the lead and exploring. I know he enjoys riding on trail, as long as we are in a group. Our main trail buddy left the barn and i have been working with the trainer to get him to go out alone, just he and i. This is the other item were working on, but i am sure we'll get there with continued patience and trust.

When i first brought him home he would become very aggressive at feeding time. He would pace, try to bite and crowd the space if you came around him when he was eating. I understand his meals were few and far between before so this was completely expected. I would be protected if i went through what he did too. I'm happy to report that he has mellow so much. I can touch him, walk around him and this week even sit down close to him while he eats without any aggressive behavior at all. He's now taking a break from his food, lifting his head for me scratch his nose!

Our Arena work and his ground manners are coming along nicely. I know i mentioned before but he really is very smart. He didn't like to pick up his feet for me so i could clean his hoofs, now i simply say "up" while standing next to the hoof i want and he lifts it for me.

He likes to work and learn and slowly but surely he is building muscle and getting healthier. He's also enjoying his daily stretch and massage time this week. I am a very proud horse mama.

Our relationship is developing stronger everyday and I am so very thankful he is mine now, safe and loved. Life IS good.

this week
hoof trim
message and stretching back legs 50%


  1. Sounds like Chance is doing so well under your loving care Jen. He's going to be one of your best buds. :)

  2. I love this post! The power of love is amazing!

  3. This was really nice to read. Glad that he is in a loving environment!

  4. I don't know his background or how you came to have him, but it sounds like he is in a much better place, both physically and emotionally. We have a few animals like that. They just needed good nutrition, a clean home, and patience and love.