Thursday, April 12, 2012

John Wayne

Our Easter weekend was wonderful, my parents and the bug came out. I spent time at the barn and in the garden. The weather was perfect and i soaked in the sunshine before the April showers returned. We finished off our weekend with pasta of course.

The rate at which my days go by seems to have ticked up a notch this week. The last couple weeks i was seriously busting a move and getting so much done, this week i am simply trying to keep up with my daily chores and work. Do you ever feel like that?


Thankfully Jack doesn't seem to be in any pain and has mastered the three legged walk. His bad leg bows out when he puts weight on it though and the music man has started calling him John Wayne. Bow legged or not this week he is able to again jump up on the bed. Not totally happy about that but happy is feeling better.

Now the attention of soreness has been focused on Chance. His trim last week has left his front end sore. The farrier trimmed him to short, especially on his club so another week of taking it easy will hopefully have him feeling much better.

I am having some dental work done later today so I'll be getting a jump on the weekend with some quiet time for healing. Happy Thursday i hope your weekend is full of sunshine and goodness.


  1. Jack looks like he's got the perfect spot to enjoy. Good luck with the dentist and enjoy your own quiet time from that. :)

  2. Hope the dental work went ok!
    Jack looks like a happy boy, glad he is feeling well enough to get comfy;)
    I know what you mean about getting stuff done, sometimes you fly through the day accomplishing everything and then some days it seems like getting a load of wash and the dishes done is a struggle.
    Unfortunately, the latter kind of days is what I have been having as of late:(
    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  3. I totally feel like that. It's like I hit a brick wall. Good luck with your dental work. That's never fun.

  4. Yep, I feel like that too. The past couple weeks I feel like I'm just trying to catch up, and getting overwhelmed because I know more work is coming!

    Enjoying catching up on your blog. I love your pictures! Nice camera!