Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Winter recap and Spring awakening

This winter season was sort of a wonky one for us here in So Cal. We had days that felt like summer, followed the next with flooding rains and winds that wrecked havoc. I didn't get as much knitting done as I thought and barely sat down at my sewing machine. Work was busy,thankfully busy, weekly doctor appointments and bad back days left me less time to create. Though we did have many nights with good food, good conversations, visits with friends and family, played games with the kids, finished the place mats for my mom and sister, made a couple trips to where the grape vines grow and started my spring seedlings successfully (hooray). I guess that's life, at least for me I know my "hope to do" list always seem bigger than reality. No complaints, life is SO good!
mom's place mat
S set

So here's to Spring! I am so excited for the possibilities this season brings. When I think of you I think of:

longer and warming days
my growing garden
enjoying Pasta Sunday outdoors
flip flops
the Easter Bunny
tulips and ranunculus
fresh strawberry jam

more fun in the mail today, whoohoo
new projects. I got some more fun in the mail recently and have cast on for a summer wrap.
summer wrap

Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear what the Spring season mean to you?

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  1. Spring is new recipes, colorful clothes, planting, cool drinks, and dusting off the sewing machine.....bird feeders, walks in the evening while it's still light outside, the smell of barbeques...the list could go on until your next blog.
    Happy Wednesday