Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lots of good stuff going on around here

I finally finished my slouchy and love it! I know when I finish a sweater I seem to always say that it could be my new fave so I wont this time but... I really love this one! I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino because it's so great to work with. The cashmere and wool blend is warm and cozy, but light enough to wear on a summers night. I love the light silver gray color its perfectly neutral and will go with everything.
finally finished the slouchy
The weather has been warming and Spring is coming I can feel it. I've been out in the garden transplanting my lettuce and spinach, getting my basil and carrot seeds started and soaking in the sunshine. I prefer to have my hands in the dirt versus in a glove so sometimes I get small nicks but I don't mind, I think there is something therapeutic about playing in the dirt. Do you use gloves or just dig in?
walla walls bing bang...
I planted my Walla Walla sweet onion bulbs too and am already dreaming of fresh roasted peppers and onions this summer, yum!
not so amused
There was a little knitting and sewing around here too. I made a market bag for my sister and those few minutes at my machine have my fingers itching to do more, perhaps its time to finish this. This is Jack's grumpy old dog face. He isn't so excited right now but I sure am.
Yes it is...
A couple times a month I drive down to south OC close to my sisters for Dr. appointments so we use these days to meet up for a walk and lunch before. Today we walked through this tunnel that led to the beach. It was really neat and seeing this on the tunnel wall made me smile. The new header picture was our amazing view while we ate lunch at a restaurant on the beach.

Life is beautiful and oh SO good!


  1. I am not a glove person when gardening.
    I dont like them, though when pulling some our nasty weeds we have around here, I am thankful to have them:)
    I love Jack's grumpy face!
    Its adorable!
    The header is such a gorgous pic, I cant belive that it is a real picture:)
    Your sweater is lovely, its is my new favorite;)
    Have a great day,Jen!

  2. Wonderful slouch...mine is still in pieces.
    Someday I'll be wearing it...some day.
    Gloves? I leave the gardening for Man In Black and I take over when the bounty hits the kitchen counter.
    No pics of the food for lunch? - I know that must have been awesome eating beachside.
    Love the new header!!