Monday, May 3, 2010

This weekend

Orange ya glad
We said goodbye to April and we welcomed the month of May. I am looking forward to the warm sunshine and beautiful flowers brought by April showers.
Garden salad
We enjoyed our first lettuce of the season from our garden. Yum!
R and R
There was rest and relaxation as well. Meet Hobo our other puppy love. This is his debut on the blog and he's doing what he loves best.
fresh air
We finished the weekend off quietly with Pasta Sunday and a movie, The Blind Side. Oh my gosh, I loved it! If you haven't seen this movie I recommend renting it. Shelbs and I both think it could be the new favorite in our house. Okay, gotta get going as I have another very busy week ahead me.
Here's wish you a Happy Monday.


  1. Hobo is SO cute!!
    Mmmmm,fresh lettuce!
    My seeds havnt even arose out of the ground yet!!

  2. We are lucky as So Cal offers an early seasons harvest. You will be enjoying your yummies soon too. I do love fresh produce...yum

  3. Thanks to you I've got this going....wonderful time of year just beginning for all of us to look forward to - knitting cotton market bags, great foods from our gardens and markets, sunshine & drinks, times spent on the water, time to spend with friends and make some new memories - life is good, just need to figure out how to add a couple of hours to each and every day...