Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots of fresh air...

Our weekend was filled with lots of time outside. After work Saturday and in between studying...
I went for a nice hike in the hills with Shelbs and our friend Christy.
The yellow weeds with their wild flowers were everywhere. It was really pretty seeing them swaying in the wind. At the end of the trail we ran into two snakes...Yikes... One was a really BIG rattle snake who was I think enjoying sun bathing. It took him a few minutes to get off the trail but thankfully he did so we could continue on.
the rock
We took a little break at "The Rock" which sits high on a hill top and where you can look out 360 degrees and see forever.
Saturday night the musical handy man had a gig. Yep, I really do LOVE to watch him play.
Mothers day we went down to the beach after church for snackies and a walk.
A Mothers Day
Newport Pier
I hope your weekend was filled with happiness and fresh air. Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. What an Awesome weekend you had!
    Great Pics:)
    We did have a lovely weekend filled with fresh air and happiness,we took my MIL for a fun cookout by the lake!
    It was a gorgous day!