Friday, March 7, 2014

And The Winner is...

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Cody, congrats Cody! 
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Thank you guys so much for all the support and kind words about my photography, my four years as well as the juicing thing for this week. Today marks day five on the green stuff and so far so good... Except for the second day where I was so hungry I swear I could have eaten my own arm.  Just kidding,  maybe.

Perhaps in the last post I didn't mention that the bean binge was two plus weeks long...Moderation is key and though I don't typically have a sweet tooth I do enjoy a treat now and then and love to bake and cook. It's just that this was just on another level and as one of my blog buddies mentioned "candy is bad for the jeans"  Oh my gosh hilarious and so true. Trust me no one would want to see me running around the ranch, not even the animals without my jeans on! (Thanks Kar)

This week has been a busy here lots of clean up from last weeks storm. With the warm weather moving back in I've been spending a lot of time in the garden getting ready and planting spring seeds.

The music man and I have been talking about goats again. They and sheep are on the list and have been for a while. It's been all about the timing as to when to add them to the homestead.  With all the rain we received last week it seems now is the time to prepare for them as in a couple months we will have a ton of wild grass and flowers growing everywhere. Perfect for natures lawnmower and weed abatement as we will in such a high fire area.

We're still working out if we should get babies or perhaps goats I can breed.   I'm looking for duel purpose but not for meat instead for fiber and dairy and they are just not common to my area. So in the meantime we'll start building and preparing.

Happy weekending peeps!


  1. Sounds like a lot of planning going on at the ranch. Exciting!!!

  2. Congratulations Cody. Oh I love your photography and my jeans are a little snug, not sure why:) Goats would be fun:) Take care. Hug B

  3. bad for the jeans. haha! congrats to your winner!

  4. Yay for goat plans! We want some really bad as well. I hope you can find the best breed for you and get a couple!

    PS - David does have to make up snow days, but they are at a point now where they are going to be in school until June, so any snow days they have now are forgiven. If they had to make them all up, they may not even get a summer break!

  5. Congratulations to the winner. We've had so much rain I feel we're going to float away. Working in the garden would be a huge mess. Today it's supposed to be sunny....and yet the clouds are still lingering. Ugh! C'mon spring and hurry!

  6. Looking forward to seeing pics of the next addition to the paddock....
    enjoy the green stuff....I should get on that train but.....Easter....candy....peeps.....Cadbury eggs....

    what can I say....I have to have it....have it all....

  7. Goats! Brandy and Jessie are giving that idea a big thumbs up from the barnyard :-) It's been snowing here all day so I have no concept of "planting seeds" right now.

    The whole juicing thing is alien to me. How do you do it? My rule is anything liquid with calories must be a beer or a cocktail. I would definitely not be a good juicer. Good luck with those jeans :-)

    1. OMGosh you are hilarious Joan, thank you for the giggles!

  8. Ooo, goats! If you're looking to dual purpose and don't have what you want in your area, you can always breed your own!