Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Were farming now

well getting started anyways.
farming around
We used the holiday weekend to rent a tiller and put up a fence to keep all the animals out and now I have 1,000 sq ft tilled piece of dirt ready to play in thanks to my hard working music man.
I transplanted my veggies from their containers to the soil and hope the shock isn't to bad. Its late to plant for summer so i am hoping they will thrive and give me something to harvest soon. We are so lucky the weather here allows us to garden year around and I'm already working up my list for fall and winter seeds.
thankful for this pool!
It was HOT here so we spent our time enjoying the pool while waiting for it to cool enough so we work more.

As requested, here are a couple pics of our new surroundings.
We share our space with a couple acres of Red Zinfandel Vines
valley view
and are visited almost every morning by hot air balloons
and finish our days with beautiful sunsets.


  1. Well, its lookin; good Farmer Jen:)
    Your place is stunning!
    Man, that pool is looking very inviting right now!
    Have a super duper weekend,friend.

  2. Gorgeous! What all are you growing? That's quite a large plot. You can have a full product department out there! :o)