Tuesday, January 11, 2011

slow and steady these days

The new year is well underway now and although I sometimes feels like my days are not as productive as I would like, I am making slow and steady progress. Perhaps these slow moving days are a blessing and are helping me to appreciate all the joy that surrounds me this winter season. blowing in the wind, still
Our Autumn leaves were late this year but when they arrived they were stunning. Lucky me, well into winter they are still falling and so beautiful.
Fresh clean food to celebrate
After all the sweets and over eating we did to our bellies through the holidays it has been necessary to get back to basics. I am feeling thankful to be able to provide my family with fresh clean food to celebrate life and our bodies.
I love my dog version of bench monday
These slower days have also allowed me to get back outside and enjoy fresh air and a daily walk with the brown dog.
Yes slow, steady and oh so good! Here's wishing you a lovely slower kind of week to enjoy the things that surround you.


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  1. That leaf picture is gorgous!
    Glad that we all are able to have some slower days now that the holidays are over.