Tuesday, November 9, 2010

new comfies pants

The Musical Handy Man had a gig the other night and I often go watch him, I love listening to him sing it makes my heart happy. This time though I was a bit tired after working extra hours and didnt feel like going out. Instead I enjoyed the quiet that comes with an empty house and the hum of my sewing machine. A couple hours later I had myself a new pair of comfies to lounge around in.
Momma got a new pair of comfies
Last year I got Amy Butlers In Stitches. Do you have this book? If not you might want to check it out, it's awesome. There are so many great and easy patterns that are perfect for my simple sewing skills. Last year I made a dozen of the pants as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Everyone really liked them and I have a couple peeps asking for another pair as this year gift. SO fun!
A ball of fun
I received another knit picks order in the mailbox and have this beautiful and colorful wool rolled and ready to become something groovalicious. Here's wishing you a great week. Thanks for stopping by this place of mine and saying hi, I love that you visit!


  1. ohhh! You are right!
    The yarn is lovely!
    Cant wait to see what it becomes:)
    So glad you had a fun evening to yourself!

  2. I hope to get some sewing going over the Christmas break from work....those pants look soooo comfortable!! Isn't getting yarn in the mail the most fun??? I'm waiting on something new from Etsy...come on mailman!!
    Have a great day my sweet knitting buddy!!!