Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Bye November, Hello December

November 2010
Pieces of my everyday in November

Thanksgiving weekend we hit the road and had such a good time. We spent Turkey day hiking in the Palm Springs mountains and filled our bellies with wonderful food shared with family. Friday we were back on the road and drove to the lake. Road trips are fun for me as the music man usually almost always drives so I get a lot of knitting time in.
I am working on the slouchy cardigan from Knit Cafe and I know I say this alot but this could be my new favorite (haha), I know but a girl can't have to many right.

The weather is cold and it feels more like winter than Fall these days. Funny how this California weather can be. Not to long ago it was 100 degrees out and now we are averaging in the 50's and 60's. I know not cold for most of you but us So Cal peeps really dont know what real cold is. We have been enjoying soup and home fresh breads though, yum!

The cool air has inspired me to get going on my Christmas gifts as well. I have several to finish up and much more to do. I hope to have my tree up by next weekend and am looking forward to hanging the garland and mistletoe.

Be back soon to share some of my soon to be (I hope) finished projects, until then here's wishing you a beautiful week filled with peace and joy.


  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing your knitting, I'm loving the cooler weather. I do have to say out at 29 Palms on turkey day it was windy and cold and I was thinking "why do I want to live where it's cold, I'm not liking this wind and my face and ears are hurting and cold"...a knitter who didn't knit herself a hat. Let's knit together....what's a good time?

  2. Oh, my!
    The other day it nearly reached 30 degrees here and I was running around without a coat because it felt like summer:)
    Cant wait to see the new "favorite" cardigan!