Sunday, March 21, 2010

This weekend

there were some still moments::
some baking and dog food making::
this cute face::
a little sewing::
some more baking for a special visit with some visiting family::
Our weekend was filled with impromptu visits with friends and family (always the best kind), lots of food, a little sewing and beautiful weather to go walking in. We finished our weekend with a quiet Pasta Sunday and a movie. I hope your weekend was great too.


  1. My weekend was nice,but yours looked yummier!
    Those cupcakes make my mouth water!
    I love cupcakes,I think they have to be the most cheerful little foods created:)
    Your dog is adorable! What is his name?
    Your purse is so cute! I am currently knitting a purse!

  2. I agree with the cupcake love. They really are the perfect treat! My brown dogs name is Jackson Brown, but he has my many nick names...Jack, brown cow, roonie, love bug ect. We also have a rescue shepard mix and his name is Hobo (pics coming in future post) Yep, lots of snackies this weekend means extra walking time for me for sure, thankfully the weather is nice.

  3. Oh,What a cute name!
    Thank you for taking in a rescue dog!
    I have worked with abandoned,abused and neglected animals for about 10 years now.
    Our 2 doggies and 2 kitties,were all rescued and thank us daily for saving their lives.
    Are not animals wonderful?
    Humans hurt them,yet they still find love in their darling hearts!!