Tuesday, September 11, 2012

looking forward

What to do when the heat is stuck on super duper HOT and the monsoonal moisture lingers? Drive back to beach for a ride and to enjoy some cool ocean air.
During our visit and bike ride i found out that Lulus basket liner needs a little adjustment. When the wind from riding around hits the basket, the liner on the front part of the basket blows up so I've sewn a casing around the top and think tying a string tightly should do the trick. Next time we make the trip back to the beach I'll try it out. Otherwise,  I'll have to ad a couple more inches of the polka dot fabric so it lays over the top further down.

Football season has started, my team is 1 -0 woot woot... I hope a sign of things to come. Lets go Chargers!

I've decided on my Fall knitting project and have ordered my yarn (we don't have a fiber store in town) I am excited to cast on and get started on a big cushy warm blanket for the couch.   I am looking forward to and dreaming about the cold nights of winter, i think my family is too since I've been a cranky monster lately with little patience.  This humid hot weather has me sweating all the flipping time so i suppose it a bit funny to chose a blanket huh.

Oh yeah everyday that passes brings us closer to cooler days.  I love everything about Fall, here's just a few. Choosing which seeds to plant for the winter garden, cool nights, warm days, knitting in the evenings and holiday where we all celebrate the blessings in our every days, yep can't get to the end of the month fast enough for me.

How about you guys, are you over the summers heat too and whats your favorite things about Fall?


  1. It's still hot and humid here too, but the night temps have dropped into the 60s, so it is somewhat refreshing in the mornings for a few hours.

    1. Ugh i hear ya, but here by 8 am it's in the 90's already

  2. Well, we awoke to temps of 35 degrees so, yeah I would say our heat is done:)
    But, I am okay with that.
    I love autumn and cooler temps.
    Oooo...fall knitting projects...sounds fun!

  3. Fall is on its way here too. Cool nights and mornings. Gotta love it!

  4. woot woot enjoy, i am super looking forward to the temps dropping here soon.