Friday, July 25, 2014

My Brown Dog

My guy is not feeling well at all. In the last three days he has fallen three times and this last one was a doozie and seems to have really affected him.  His Cushings disease has taken almost all of his "back end" muscles in the last couple of months and he now losing the ability to get himself up and moving around on his own.  After a really long night on the floor with him we're heading off to the vet shortly.  Please keep us in your thoughts today.


We just got home and Jack is resting quietly.  Sadly though, the news is not good. It seems the Cushings has affected the nerves in his hind end and their signals are just not working very good. We have now added pain medicine to the others he takes in hopes they will take the pain away and enable to him move around easier.  We'll know in the next couple days if this will work.

It's so hard to see our animals age, I wish they could live forever... Though it's excruciating we must do whats best for them and we'll have some clear answers soon. Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate them so much.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Impromptu Break

I hadn't planned on being gone for so long and have missed you guys. Oh how I enjoy visiting with you while enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I look forward to it but lately just getting through my chores and "to do" seems to take up all my time. It's hot, my plate is full and when I can sit down to share with you guys I'm beat.  No complaints though, life is amazing.  I guess I'm just saying that I've missed you!

Soooo what the heck is happening over here?
Both Jack and I had birthday's
                 and I got to sneak off and spend some time with my parents and Justin (my bug) up north. We had a great and fun birthday celebration. 
I've been working a little and riding a lot.
We've been shopping for some land so we can build our own home.  If all goes well... this will be my new view. Rad right and check out the beautiful usable acreage!

We moved into the ranch last summer with hopes of being able to purchase it. Although, soon after moving in it was apparent we wouldn't be able to buy here. That's okay. I live my life with the belief that everything happens for a reason and sometimes my timing isn't God's timing. We've been looking for our perfect place since. A place to build our ranch, put down deep roots and hooray after missing out on a few properties we recently found not one but two in our area that we love so much.  We'll find out soon if we are meant to be in either one.
In the meantime, I'm up early busting out moves before it gets to hot and enjoying sunrises like this one.  I'm looking forward to hot coffee and catching up, see you in the morning.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

These Lazy Days...

These hot and lazy days of summer have been kicking my butt as of late.  Lucky for me the coast is just a couple hours away. So I've thrown on my flip flops and hit the road a few times in the last couple of weeks. Feeling thankful for the cool salty breeze as it hits my fried and dried out skin. Having some work out there as well... Well, that's just icing on the happy cake of life.

How is your summer going? 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Walk, Music And Faith...

The world seems extra rough these days doesn't it and I was feeling a bit weighted this morning as my heart breaks for so many.  With worship music blasting in my ears and my fantastic tennies on my feet I finished my chores and took Ms Punkin Pie for a walk.
By the time we got back I felt so much better. After giving her and Chancie their messages I felt even better, great in fact.  (Luna's next)
Animals are amazing! I know I rescued them BUT always feel that they really save us.
Though life is nuts sometimes that's okay, I don't have to know or understand everything. I already know that I'm part of a much bigger picture. I just need to stay in the light and love of God for He is good.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Weekend...

Shelby and I kicked off the weekend a day early by spending a few hours at the beach. The coast had been calling me and we both had some time off so we threw a few things in the car and hit the road.  It's always so nice to be able to hang out with the kids. I'm looking forward to seeing my bug next weekend.
And hooray I got a new phone! I went with the Galaxy 5 and even though I've only had it a couple days and have lots to learn about it...  I am really liking it.
I went on trail with Luna Tuna Pie who was such a good girl.

This weekend
We also watched The last Ride , the Hank Williams story. It was good, sad but good.

I bought some blueish green nail polish. I never thought I'd be sporting that color around but am and really like it.

Blasted a bit of Merle, George and Waylon most of the weekend, I was craving a bit of yesterday's country music... They just don't write em like that anymore...

I harvested more zucchini, drank wine with friends and
enjoyed some quiet time and soaked in a couple amazing sunsets over the ranch.  I'm sure enjoying these warm and lazy summer days how about you?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh Happy Day...

After editing images and working on the computer today I needed to rest my eyeball's so I strapped on my fantastic tennies, put a beautiful little flower in Ms Punkin Pies forelock and we went for a walk.
Who knew a donkey was a perfect walking companion?  Me. I did...  but truthfully everyone around the ranch makes walking more fun.

After a good walk I came back to find a large print order I placed recently was delivered. Whoohooo Oh happy day... They are perfect!
I'm looking forward to sharing the prints with everyone but in the meantime here is a quick phone shot of one of them. Ohhhh I super love this batch of images, love my clients and all my friends in blog land. I'm grateful. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Hump day Peeps!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice At The Lake...

The music man was working Saturday evening and my headache from hell was f i n a l l y  gone... so I was anxious to get out for a little fun. Lucky for us we had friends camping at a nearby lake so Shelby and I went over and rang in the summer season with them. Imagine a bunch of glam camping ladies, so much fun!

Happy Summertime Peeps!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


"Bloom where you're planted. You can't fight your way to happiness. Wherever you are, know that you have been put there for a reason" ~Joel Olsteen

What a wonderful quote! I love how it reminds us that happiness is a choice and though everyday may not be great, life is.

Ridding myself of a nasty headache I've had for the last two days, staying positive and busting out more moves in the garden should do the trick. Here's to blooming wherever you are today.

Happy Thursday Peeps!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Clearing My Camera Phone...

The last few days around the ranch have been productive ones. I've spent time harvesting some root veggies, weeding and feeding my summer plants. I have a ton of zucchini's happily growing and can hardly wait to taste them.
My buddy has a wonderful fruit orchard at her place and gave me a bag full of oranges that we picked together. I came home and immediately threw then into the juicer and had the best OJ I've ever had. I wasn't the only one who thoughts this either, within a day it was all gone.
The music man and me up in Julian Saturday afternoon for one of his show's.
We spent Sunday clearing brush and re arranging our outdoor furniture. I absolutely love the new location of our couch and chairs and may never go back inside the house again...

My phone camera is terrible and my phone itself is on it's last leg as it won't hold a charge but for a short time.  Do you know of a cellphone that has an awesome camera?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Little Story About A Gigantic Stone....

If you have horses you know colic is a scary and bad word, if you don't have horses colic is a scary and bad word :). These animals don't do well with belly aches, in fact when they get them it can be fatal.  Saturday late afternoon I notice Luna was standing stretched out and while walking over to check on her, she laid down. Laying down in itself isn't a big deal but laying down in pain is.

Our girl was colicing. If you were to open a book on the symptoms of a colicky horse you would think they wrote it about her. She had every one of them.  Thankfully I was home and knew what to do for her. After many hours of walking, medicating and trying to hydrate her she was looking better. It was now after midnight and I was exhausted, with her acting more like her normal self I went to bed to catch some sleep.

6 am as I was walking down to check on her I noticed something in her loose stool. As I got close I couldn't believe my eyes, what heck was I looking at.. ?? ..!!
Holy freaking cow.... This thing is huge! Seriously, huge!

Miraculously Luna passed a gigantic stone... Imagine two baseballs glued together at the side, that's how big. This stone has been growing for years and years in her small intestine. Oh my gosh no wonder she had a belly ache...

Typically stones this big are found in an emergency colic surgery or in a postmortem exam. You don't often hear a horse being able to rid something this large on their own. Her will to live amazes me. She is challenging most days but this episode has me viewing her in a different light. After monitoring her for a couple more days and keeping things quiet I'm happy to report that she is healthy once again.

I've been asked how this could happen and the best guesses are that stones take many years to develop and occur from either type of feed, genetics or a foreign body.

Luna is not genetically predisposed as they're not common in her breed. Feed, maybe...  Alfalfa is the hay of choice in California and is high in phosphorus and ammonia. Although, my thought is it may have been the last option.  Being a mouthy horse who was underfed and living in not so good conditions for who knows how long, she may have eaten a piece of wood or string that got stuck and then began to calcify.

Our Vet and all my horsey friends are very impressed with Luna. I'm impressed and so grateful we made it through that.
I celebrated with an ice cold beer. Check out the label, fun huh and the beer was good too.